Developing innovative programs and business solutions to help our customers grow and prosper.

A Partnership You Can Rely On

Since our inception over 50 years ago, Monroe Equipment has prided itself on delivering not only quality service, but also the best value in heating and cooling products. This philosophy, combined with our belief that our products should be and are sold exclusively through professional heating and cooling contractors, has helped us grow into an industry leader throughout Wisconsin.

As many of our satisfied customers have come to know, Monroe Equipment offers not only products and services you can depend on, but also a partnership, developing innovative programs and business solutions to help our customer grow and prosper.

Design and Engineering

Monroe Equipment’s engineering department is a mix of youthful vision and experienced insight. We have built this department on a strong base of knowledge and experience. We provide over 125 years of engineering design and product experience. Whether large or small, there is no project that we can’t handle.

Unlike many design firms, Monroe Equipment does not over-engineer or over-budget designs. Our mission is to provide every one of our customers with a practical, cost effective and efficient system that meets the end user’s needs. We achieve this by including our customers and their insights in every aspect of the design from conception to state approved plans, by offering a range of services from heat losses to on-site engineering.

If there is any way that we can help make your job easier, please let us know. From multi-family housing and office buildings to medical facilities and industrial manufacturing plants, we would be happy to help. Our best reward is complete customer satisfaction.

Technical Support

Is it better to train an employee and have them leave, or to not train that employee and have them stay? Monroe Equipment considers the issue of training important enough to have a full time trainer on staff. By combining the knowledge of an experienced field service tech and employing professional business trainers, we provide our dealers with a vast variety of opportunities to improve the skill level of their employees, as well as management skills aimed at improving the profitability of their company.

Regardless of the amount of training any contractor provides to their employees, a situation may arise that requires additional technical help. While most manufacturers have technical support staff at the factory, Monroe Equipment goes a step beyond with trained support help available in our office by phone or on site if necessary.

Shipping and Delivery

The right product at the right time delivered in perfect condition. With over 20,000 different items and almost 200,000 total parts, pieces and units in stock, it is not always easy to accomplish this, but a dedicated staff of warehouse and delivery personnel work to insure that our customers are not disappointed. Combining a fleet of company owned delivery vehicles and partnering with a regional freight company enables us to deliver anywhere in the state within 24 hours.

Shop deliveries, jobsite deliveries, coordination with crane lifts and special instructions are just part of our everyday service.  Our delivery team treats our customers and products with so much respect that they are often referred to by our customers as “equipment chauffeurs”.

Office Support

Everyone at Monroe Equipment knows that you, the customer, are our most important asset. In turn, we strive to provide you with the best possible support.

Upon your first contact with Monroe Equipment, whether in person or by telephone, you will realize that we are real people just like our customers. A courteous and professional receptionist will greet you.

You can expect prompt and accurate billing which includes warranty credits that are issued quickly.

Our administrative area will help you with scheduling of training classes or advertising needs, as well as providing you with any other assistance you may need. Our entire staff works together as a team with every member going out of their way to find the answers you need.

Customer Service

Not only do our dealers each have their own Dealer Development Manager, they also have the attention of our entire Customer Service department.

Open Monday through Friday, our Customer Service Reps are trained to take your order, answer your questions and get you on your way, fast. Whether your order by phone, fax, online, email or at our counter, we’re ready to help!

ReKlaim Program

Due to regulatory mandates and the HCFC production cut-backs, HVACR contractors and technicians need a convenient place to dispose of used and unwanted refrigerants in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

In response, Monroe Equipment is offering ReKlaim, a trademarked program that takes a simple, systematic approach to help expand your business. The ReKlaim program is a comprehensive refrigerant reclamation service and is an easy resource for returning your used refrigerant gases and managing cylinder assets. As a ReKlaim Collection Center, Monroe will offer free Monroe truck pick-up on all return cylinders, including all shipping tags, documents and labels, the use of certified DOT approved cylinders on an exchange basis and personalized service throughout the process. We coordinate all logistics to make this a simple and efficient process.